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Card of the day- Develop

It's hard to keep progressing or going for a long held goal, but keep at it!

If people around you are less than helpful Today you may wish to just work through the noise.

Be yourself and be proud of who you are!!!

Don't be down on yourself- you're lovely!! #oraclecards #reading #dailyreading

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happy friday


This is a test. I still wish you a happy Friday though!!!

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Cosmic memory

They truly do!

Didis Art Design

Cosmic memory

Every single thought
Word and action
leave foot prints
at the beach of time.

DidiArtist, 11.08.2017

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Combined reading 10-8-17

Combined reading 10-8-17

Queen of Wands reversed/knowledge

The queen of Wands is usually full of herself and eager to get things going. In reverse she is content to just be, so let's take a lesson from her today. Be calm, be happy to know all is well.

Knowledge comes from moving through life and learning the lessons. It comes from a deep place inside of you, and it is to be used.think before you act today, and use the past to shape your future. An interesting day!!!

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Combined reading 9-8-17

Combined Reading 9 8 17

7 Swords/Transformation

7 Swords

A man goes to leap in a window, and make off with the goodies.

Its time to check who you trust today, and be observant too. Check the motivation of others.

Some people are like magpies, they take anything that is shiny. Compare that in human terms and I suggest you keep your eye on your valuables.


Raphael brings change. Change has been mentioned for a little while in the Tarot, and while change strikes fear in the heart of many people, it is necessary! Raphael was with us yesterday for forgiveness, that is now transmuted!

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Combined reading 8-8-17

Combined Reading – 8- 8-17


The Chariot – Major Arcana 8

Today we need to choose to forgive. We can forgive ourselves, or others, or at least remember that we are all human! people are entitled to make mistakes, and even more entitled to forgive people… or yourself for past perceived misdemeanours. Archangel Raphael will help with this.

The Chariot

The chariot is pulled by two horses, in this case, one brown and one white. This card often comes when a decision needs to be made. If you have to do that today, be kind to yourself, and don't base your decisions on fleeting thoughts! this card links to cancerians, and the Zodiac sign. So, if you need to step sideways on something, today is the day to do it!!

++ also note that this is the 8th of the 8th and the Chariot is 8 in the Major Arcana. Its all about abundance and joy today! 🙂

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Freedom From The Past

In a Love World

Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius – Freedom From The Past

Astro Butterfly
August 5, 2017

We have a very intense Lunar Eclipse on Monday, 7th of August at 15° Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse, which technically is a Full Moon near the South Node, is the cosmic big-bang before the Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

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