Combined Reading 4 10 17

Combined Reading 4 10 17

Faith/moon reversed

The Angels ask us to have faith in all things today, and remember to reflect the best of yourself today.

moon reversed

The moon reversed shows truth being revealed. This will reduce your stress levels and show you a way 5


Combined Readin 3 10 17

Combined Reading 3 10 17
Hanging Man Reversed/Self Belief
The Hanging man, being reversed, allows us to live knowing what we want. We know what makes us work, and what brings us happiness.
Self belief
Archangel Uriel reminds us of our true essence and asks us to believe in ourselves. It is not vain to think you are fine, you are good enough! 🙂

Combined Reading 1 10 17
5 Swords/Purpose
Today may bring a bonus or blessing 🙂 if you find money on the floor, or other such unexpected gift, then give thanks 🙂
Archangel Gabriel helps those of us in need of direction. Ask for his guidance in this area of your life if needed 🙂
1 5s :purpose
The Archangel of the month is Barbiel, and he rules Honesty. This suggests an interesting month, bringing Authenticity to your life.

Combined Reading 29 9 17

29 emp:ascensionCombined Reading 29 9 17
Now is the time to take control of what is going on around you. A clear intent is needed today. This is really going to help, if you can see the wood for the trees 🙂 be clear, and stand your ground today 🙂
Rise above the rubbish today. Aim for higher ground. The advice from the Angels is to look beyond the obvious, and to look at the good in all things. 🙂
an interesting day!!!

Combined Reading 28 9 17

Combined Reading 28 9 17
Chariot Reversed – protection
Today we may want to move forward, but we may feel stopped or held back. This may be because a rethink is in order or that the time just isnt right at the moment. Hold your horses (on in this case, sphinxes!!)
You are being held back to look after you. Call on Michael to help you if you feel worried in any way. Michael has your back! 🙂 (like he did yesterday!) 28 chariot rev-protection

Combined Reading 27 9 17

Combined Reading 27 9 17
7 swords/power
Today watch and observe. Those around you may be economical with truth, or may only give you half a story. Watch your goods too 🙂 trust issues abound today! its a day that needs clear thinking and sensible thought.
Archangel Michael brings his power to you. Ask him to cut ties that you may find difficult to deal with. Remember, he has a very large sword and sometimes can be quite decisive in his actions 🙂
Its all swords today! 🙂

Combined Reading 26 9 17

Combined Reading 26.9.17

Knight Pentacles/comfort

The Knight is focused on his pentacle. He has no need to look elsewhere.

Looking at the world from a new perspective may bring you what you need today. Allow yourself to look at the bigger picture, this will bring benefit to you today. Just remember to stay grounded and it will help. 🙂


Raphael has been very busy this month in the cards! if you need help of any sort, or feel under the weather, then call on Raphael to assist you 🙂