Tcotd- knight of cups

Tcotd- knight of cups- 11-12-17

Today, take a look around you, and see the beauty. Even if you’re standing in your kitchen, there must be something lovely!

There’s good in all things, even if you may not normally see it. The tarot reminds us to do things with our hearts and feelings today .

Just remember that even in the midst of rubbish, there’s treasure to be found.

Remember Pollyanna’s “glad game”? Be glad for each thing today! Xxx


flowers of empowerment!

Beloved Flower Lover, As you know there are few florists that talk about the empowerment values that enable people to link the happiness and joy that we experience from giving and receiving flowers. We are those florists who make happiness and joy a core focus of our creation of flowers for giving and receiving. We […]

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Combined Reading 1 12 17

Combined Reading 1 12 17
Queen Swords/Release
I cannot believe its December!!!!!!! this year is going so fast!
Well, here we are. Again the Queen of Swords shows herself. Here we are clearing the way for something , clear intentions allow us to think logically. If you want to go down a new route, then you near to clear the obstacles!
Archangel Michael is back, too. Here he assists

December Readings

Great post!

Jessica Cross

December already!  The Holiday Season can be tough for a lot of people.  Make some new traditions of your own that add in relaxation time.  Sleep more, spend some time in silence, get a massage, find a great book, whatever really helps you relax and take time for yourself.  One of my friends has found an Advent Calendar with a different beer for each day!

If you schedule these in before what may be a stressful time, it will help you cope.  Acknowledge that you may not be able to do it all this month.  You may not always make everyone happy all the time, but you deserve to set limits on how much you will take on. Take good care of yourself this month.

Use the calendar below to help set the dates you will take some time to store up your energy.  There are some dates where the…

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Combined Reading 30 11 17

Combined Reading 30 11 17

Ace Swords/Friendship

Its a day for endings and clearance. If you need to stop something, then perhaps things have run their course, and stopping will allow for something new to come in.


Archangel Uriel brings clearance as the support of our friends assists us with any changes that may be occurring.

Combined Reading 29 11 17

Combined Reading 29 11 17
Today doing “Right” will prevail. If there are legalities, then it will be “right”. If you need to sort something out, then it will be done in the correct spirit.
Archangel Michael brings clearance and protection and allows light to shine on situations. Trust that all is well, because its a good day for sorting things out! 🙂