I Am The Best That I Can Be

No one is you-er than you!

Aria-Bella Rises


Being you is the best thing you can do!

Really what more is there to say???
But if you need further proof… here it is.
The Angels want to remind you that you are so amazing there is only one of you out of the billions of people that around. That is pretty freaking spectacular right there.
All of the parts that make you, you are what makes you stand out in a crowd.
And the best thing is. If there is something you are not 100% happy with… YOU have the power to do something about it.
So listen to the Angels and affirm it for yourself… ” I am the best that I can be”
Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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We all are humans, no aliens to each other!

When will we learn that we are one?

Didis Art Design


Don’t we breathe the same air
Under same sunshine?

Don’t we come and go
The same way
Birth and death?

We may speak a different language
May have different skin colour
May belong to different countries
To different religions, creeds

However, we should not build fenses
That separates us
From human being to human being

We all are humans
Under the same sky
Living on the same planet

So let us treat each other as humans
And not as aliens

When do we learn this lesson?…

DidiArtist, 08.04.2018

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There are No Negative Emotions

Keep walking your spiritual path

Aria-Bella Rises


There are no negative emotions if expressed in the right way. They are all valid and needed.
The only reason we feel they are wrong is because some where along the way we either say them expressed negatively or were told off and not allowed to by those bigger than us.
All emotions are valid and should be expressed though. You wouldn’t have been given them otherwise.
There are right ways and not so right ways to get them out though. But it is important you do…
Because those emotions that you keep pushing down. They need to get out in some way… so you start to see them leaking out in not so pleasant ways – stress, anxiety, illness and problems.
Nothing ever goes away until dealt with so let’s deal with them now while they’re fresh and a bit easier too than when they festered for years and…

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April Blog Challenge: Day 6

Such a beautiful blog post!

Sasha By The Sea

Five Ways To Win Your Heart

1. First of all, be trustworthy. You won’t get anywhere near the Inner Me if I think you’re not on the level.

2. Be an animal person or open to learning how to be. Animals are an unfailingly accurate judge of character. Nuff said.

3. Be courageous in your approach to doing the right thing (even when no-one’s watching).

4. Appreciate the so-called “little” things in life, such as a tiny flower bravely growing through in a crack in the pavement. It’s all about having perspective and seeing beauty in the world.

5. Cook me something yummy! 😂

Love from

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April Blog Challenge: Day Four

A really interesting post.

Sasha By The Sea

Write About Someone Who Inspires You

It seems quite apt that I choose this person for today’s blog challenge, as it would have been her 90th birthday today. One of the people who has inspired me for years (and continues to do so) is Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou gestures while speaking during an interview at her home on April 8, 1978.  Jack Sotomayor—Getty Images  (Taken from Time http://time.com/5226045/dr-maya-angelous-90th-birthday/)

She lived a fascinating and, at times, turbulent life. As a child, she became selectively mute for years as a direct result of the abuse and trauma she experienced.   Later, she would go on to work in many roles including cook, prostitute, waitress, dancer,  playwright, Calypso and opera singer.

She is best remembered for her time as an author – and this is how I was introduced to her.  Through her poetry and biographies she expressed her dignified and wise soul. …

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How I Edit My Blog Pictures | A Step-By-Step Tutorial

A brilliant tutorial!

New Lune

Gratitude is the best attitude.

Hey Loves! I hope you’re doing well, today I’m going to show how I edit my blog pictures using Photoshop and an alternative option for those who don’t have it at the end of the post. If you’re interested then keep on reading!

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Once you’ve opened Photoshop, open the image you’re going to edit (File > Open).



The first thing I do is edit the brightness and contrast level of the picture (Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast), I don’t have a specific number – I just choose something that I think looks the best, I don’t want the picture to look too bright or under exposed.

how to edit your blog pictures - a step by step tutorial - new lune-photoshop-brightness and contrast



This one is optional but for some pictures, it can be a crucial part depending on the…

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