When Your Past Calls Don’t Answer. It Has Noting New To Say.

When your past calls don’t answer…it has nothing to say!

Through Open Lens

F/8.0, 1/250, ISO 400.

Northern Flicker

What do you call a bear with no socks on?


Interesting Fact: Northern Flickers generally nest in holes in trees like other woodpeckers. Occasionally, they’ve been found nesting in old, earthen burrows vacated by Belted Kingfishers or Bank Swallows. ( https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Northern_Flicker )

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Testing Infamous Methods To Get More Instagram Followers

Useful post about Instagram

New Lune

Instagram has become one of the hardest social media platforms to grow your followers because of multiple issues (you can read the post here!) so I decided to test the infamous techniques/ways to gain followers in order to check if these methods really work and if they do then we can all grow our Instagram together at the same time!

Note thatthe techniques that work for me, may not work for you and vice versa so make sure to try them out and see if it works for yourself.

Instagram est devenu l’une des plates-formes de médias sociaux les plus difficiles à développer en raison de multiples problèmes (vous pouvez lire le post ici!). J’ai donc décidé de tester les techniques infâmes pour obtenir des followers afin de vérifier si ces méthodes fonctionnent réellement. Si c’est le cas, nous pouvons tous faire grandir notre Instagram ensemble en même…

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Special event this week (starting at 3pm!)

Hare Krishna Canterbury

Come and spend an afternoon in the enlightening and enlivening company of Bhakti Rasayana Sagar Maharaja!

Born in Russia, Maharaja is a travelling monk, Vedic scholar, an experienced spiritual teacher and a dedicated practitioner of bhakti yoga – the timeless yoga of love and devotion – whose global travels have finally brought him to the gorgeous Conquest House in Canterbury!

At this free event you can expect to relax in an inspiring atmosphere to enjoy an afternoon of musical mantra meditation, enlivening discussion and spiritually uplifting veggie/vegan food!

Please join us at the slightly-later-than-usual time of 3pm for an afternoon to remember!

More details can be found here.

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How To Use Pinterest For Your Blog

A really useful post about blogging & Pinterest

New Lune

Most bloggers say they’ve seen a huge difference in terms of traffic because of Pinterest which is the truth in most cases. In my opinion, I wouldn’t consider Pinterest as a social media platform but rather as a search engine.

I’ve only been using Pinterest for a couple months now and so far I’ve been loving it! I want to start off by saying that it doesn’t matter how many followers you’ve on Pinterest. If you’ve loads of followers then good for you but you don’t need to have a huge number followers to increase your blog traffic. The more your pins will be pinned, the more people will check out your blog.

La plupart des blogueurs disent qu’ils ont vu une énorme différence en termes de trafic en raison de Pinterest qui est la vérité dans la plupart des cas. À mon avis, je ne considérerais pas Pinterest comme…

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I Trying To Get My Duck In The Row But I Got Geese Instead!

Follow the leader:)

Through Open Lens

F/7.1, 1/200, ISO 250.

Canada Goose and Goslings

What did the triangle say to the circle?

Your pointless!

Interesting Fact:  In spring and summer, geese concentrate their feeding on grasses and sedges, including skunk cabbage leaves and eelgrass. During fall and winter, they rely more on berries and seeds, including agricultural grains, and seem especially fond of blueberries. They’re very efficient at removing kernels from dry corn cobs. Two subspecies have adapted to urban environments and graze on domesticated grasses year round. ( https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Canada_Goose/lifehistory )

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Ships of life

An interesting way of looking at ….ships!

Didis Art Design


We steer our lives
Along by friend-ship
Discover comrade-ship
Foster fellow-ship

Perceive battel-ships
Dispute over owner-ships
Anchored to dictator-ships
Where people take on hard-ships

Waves crashing against our ship
Between censor-ship and freedom
Take part in the champion-ship
Of the apprentice-ship of sailing lives

One day our ship will reach the port
Where harmony and love reign
Between man and man: partnership
Ship’s name: Relation Ship

DidiArtis, 31.05.2018


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