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Pelican crossing

Through Open Lens

F/10.0, 1/400, ISO 200.

Brown Pelicans

What did the bra say to the hat?

You go on a head, and I’ll give these two a lift.

Interesting Fact: During a dive, the Brown Pelican tucks its head and rotates its body to the left. This maneuver is probably to cushion the trachea and esophagus—which are found on the right side of the neck—from the impact. ( https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Brown_Pelican )

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The English Summer

English Summer


With Summer firmly fixed in place,
And the Winter in the past,
We set about complaining,
How long will this heat last.

We love the fresh grown strawberries,
The tennis on the telly,
No more blustery winds,
No need for purple wellies.

The kids at play,
The barmy nights,
The Barbeques,
The bugs that bite.

The ice creams,
And the paddling pool,
As England rule,
The World Football.

This is the English summer,
As we wait for summer storms,
For the showers and the thunder,
For rain in all its forms.

With winter in the past,
And Autumn kept at bay,
We set about complaining,
That is the English way.

It’s hot, it is too sticky,
It’s really not British,
I hear the women moan,
Is that really what they wish.

Take care for what you wait for,
Too soon will the autumn come,
Make the most of what you’ve…

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Eating Out As A Vegetarian | Tips & Tricks

Something that is often difficult for a vegetarian – eating out!

New Lune

Today’s blog post is a little bit personal and I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to post it but I knew I had to since loads of you have been interested about my experience moving abroad and my life in France and this particular subject played a huge part in my life.

In this post, I’m going to share my experience being vegetarian since childhood, the reason why I turned to a pescatarian diet and then to a vegan diet. In addition, my tips and tricks for eating out so if you’re interested then keep on reading!

Le blog d’aujourd’hui est un peu personnel et je ne savais pas si je voulais le poster, mais je savais que je devais depuis car beaucoup d’entre vous ont été intéressés par mon expérience de déménagement à l’étranger et ma vie en France et ce sujet particulier a joué un énorme…

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Live YOUR life’s opportunities

Live in the now!

In a Love World

“Everything around you is your life and your opportunity”
― Sunday Adelaja

What is more beautiful than your life? Many will say that somebody else’s life is, for they have, are, do … what they like. Who stops you from doing what you want? More than anything your mind does, for it is being afraid of taking the opportunities your life opens for you. You never know where a way leads you to if you will not follow it. You never know what is behind a door if you will not open it. 

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Interview with Author Teresa Geering

Want to be interviewed and your blog featured? contact me

Interview with Teresa Geering – Author


Hi Cheryl and this is a real table turner. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

A. It can come from anywhere really Cheryl. In the past it has come from the police station where I worked as a volunteer. After 27 years of working in different departments (yes I went out in the response cars with the flashing lights) you get a feel for how crime is dealt with. Then I can be sitting in a pub, or in a bus queue, the supermarket for instance. I’m a people watcher and I just absorb ideas from every day folk.

Do you sit at a desk with a plan of what you’re going to write or are you spontaneous?

A. Well I could lie through my teeth and say I have graphs all over the wall with plot lines and characters, but it’s none of the above I’m afraid. I get an idea for a story and I just sit with my MacBook Air and watch as the story unfolds in front of me. At that point I may have an idea of the beginning and ending, but the sandwich filler makes it’s own decisions.

How many books have you written?

A. I’ve written six so far:
Eye of Erasmus
Shasta Summer Books 1 and 2.
These are now incorporated as a trilogy called Soulfate.
Ghosts of Timeless Cottage,
Sleeping With the Gods (yet to be published, which I may well self publish)
A Russian Gift of Love.
I have another nearly completed. It’s entitled Mirror of Darkness. WIP includes the final story in the Erasmus and Shasta trilogy which will be entitled Merlin. It’s the medieval story, which leads up to Soulfate. Yes back to front I know lol, but when I wrote Eye of Erasmus and Shasta Summer trilogy that should have been the end of the story, but my readers were reluctant to let it go and wanted more. That’s when I started the medieval one but like I said it’s still a work in progress. If you go to my blog, the covers of my books are all there and have copywrite of course. I have a wonderful cover designer, Gemma Poppet Rice to whom I’m indebted. Thank you my Popsicle. 

Please give me an idea of a typical day:

A. Oooh well now let me see. I laze in bed until around 11am catching up on daily events that have been happening while I’ve been sleeping. I then get up and make a cuppa and have breakfast. Sit around until I get the invitation to be the lady that does lunch. Come home late afternoon and laze around until dinner, then spend the evening relaxing with a glass of wine as you do.
Or I could be growing a Pinocchio nose…
I’m usually awake pretty early and rarely have enough time in the day to fit all my jobs in. I do relax in my lovely garden in the evening with a glass of red wine. Where my swing seat is situated I get the last rays of the day and sunset behind the trees. It’s beautiful at this time of the year.

What if anything scares you?

A. Oh a storm scares everything out of me. Thunder and lightening gives me the heebejeebers big time. It stems back from childhood.

What would you tell your younger self

A. Hm, “You are going to enjoy every day of your life growing up and you’ll be oh so naughty, but it’ll be fun, trust me…”

Favourite writers?

A. Probably modern day writers that I’ve encountered during my writing career. Poppet, Rod Glenn, Suzanna Burke, to name a few. Oh but of course Agatha Christie can never be left out.

Favourite genres?

A.I love fantasy and crime, but I often get asked to read horror and sci fi which I don’t mind giving a go.

Do you listen to music while you write?

A. Sometimes, but it depends on my mood. If I do listen, it can be relaxing Celtic music, or various hit artists of the 70’s 80’s etc

What got you into writing?

A. It’s quite well documented now but for those who don’t know. I was sitting in my garden in 2010 around midsummers day, enjoying the last rays of the day and a glass of wine. I have a sort of meadow of Shasta daises and as I sat there, I noticed a spider spinning a web, which made me think of faeries. So many ideas were running through my head that I got my tape recorder and transferred my ideas to that. (I couldn’t write quick enough with just a notebook) From there Erasmus and Shasta were born. He became my time travelling lover with attitude. I originally wrote it for young adults but the adult market had other ideas and it went to #3 on Amazon. My writing was compared to Jean Auel and J.K. Rowling.

What do you admire in others?

A. Within the writing world I would say, the ability to sit all day writing for around 8 hours. I’m not that disciplined I’m afraid, I write when I want to. I do have long stints sometimes if the muse takes me and I just cant stop. For instance when I wrote Soulfate, I completed the three books in six weeks. I just couldn’t stop writing.

You’re psychic does this play a part in your writing?

A. Aha! Well it depends. Sometimes I just get the feeling that I should be writing and when I open the Mac up at a WIP, the characters just take over and I sit there with a big grin on my face letting them get on with it. My fingers do get rather sore typing at that speed though.

Please tell us about your blog:

A. Yes my infamous blog. My ‘customers’ have mostly been authors in the past, but I’ve also interviewed The Chief Editor of Highlight Hollywood Tommy Lightfoot Garrett, who also happens to have grown up with most of the stars of Hollywood. He certainly has the Midas touch and if you want to know more, just Google his name, he’s fascinating. He works from an office on Rodeo Drive and lives in Beverly Hills. He has also interviewed me in the past when I had A Russian Gift of Love published and he has also promised me an interview about my latest book, which is called Ghosts of Timeless Cottage. I also interviewed Louis Herthum who I asked completely tongue in cheek and he agreed! He stars in Westworld, Murder She Wrote, and he also produces films. I think that was last year so you would have to scroll through the blog if you have a mind to.

I let the blog slip for a while but I was asked several times to resurrect it, so to put a twist on it I set it in a Victim’s Cave along with manacles blood and gore. My victims stayed there until they had answered my questions. I have got a list of people who are keen to join me. My stats figures at the moment are extraordinary so I seem to have found the right mix and I have to do them weekly now to fit every one in.

If you had a super power what would it be?

A. The power to be able to put everything right in the world. Would it be useful? I don’t know, I guess the jury could well be out on that one.

Favourite book?

A. If I can be self indulgent for a moment, my current favourite book is my own – Ghosts of Timeless Cottage. I set it in my great/grandparents cottage in Hastings and I have such happy memories of it. Some of the story is fantasy but the ghosts…? well… <winks knowingly>

Favourite quote?

A. There are several that come to mind, but probably my favourite is Oscar Wilde… “Education is wasted on the young…”

What was the most fun you’ve ever had?

A. Secrets time then… When I was working in a shop in town. My bosses were three young men (business partners) who I used to drink with on a Wednesday night after work. One day there was a guy standing outside of the shop with I guess maybe his wife. My bosses set me a challenge. Being a ‘naughty little thing’ I accepted, as I had to do the banking on the opposite side of the road. A little bit nervous but a challenge is a challenge right? I went out of the shop and turned to the guy and said… “I thought we were meeting up last night. Well you’ve blown it now, forget it.” I then proceeded to leg it over to the bank, not daring to look back. When I finally returned to the shop the couple had gone fortunately. My bosses had left the door open so they could hear the exchange. Apparently he was getting severe earache from the woman as she marched him down the street. Can you imagine their conversation…? “I swear I have never seen her before in my life! I swear it!” Bless. Naughty me. True story that. Would I do it now? Give me a break… Maybe… Nah, course not, I’ve grown up a bit.

Can you draw?

A. Ha-ha not if my life depended on it Cheryl. Oh wait, yes, I’m not bad at stick men. Come to think of it, I went to a caravan site surrounded by woods with a friend and her parents (who are actually artists.) They decided to do some painting while I had a sheet of paper and charcoals, which I intended to doodle with. I found myself drawing an old gnarled tree, which surprised me. It wasn’t too bad now I come to think of it. I suppose it could be called a bit of an epiphany moment.

Do you read cards?

A. Not much these days if I’m honest but if I’m specifically asked for a reading I’d do it. I was in the town a while ago with a friend who wanted some answers (I don’t carry the cards with me) I needed to work with her energies as I specialize in psychometary. I took out my nail scissors, and cut a couple of strands from her hair. I then walked around holding them as I read from that. I didn’t fancy holding her hand in the middle of town lol I can also hold/look at any object/photograph, and give detailed readings from that. I used to love doing Victorian photographs.

I was given the chance to write my own question here, so I’ll just say. Whatever your dream, NEVER give up on it. I never imagined I would be where I am today, interviewing celebrities, writing best sellers etc but I am.
Thank you Cheryl for the interview.


Amazon Author page:

Soulfate Video:




Publisher of A Russian Gift of Love

Publisher of Soulfate and Ghosts of Timeless Cottage

Sun in my heart


Didis Art Design


Spirit travels
Beyond the abyss
Of time and space
Journey in my heart

Passing supernovas,
Black holes, quasars
Collapsing stars
Galaxies, dimensons

Riding on rays of light
To the source of love
My date, the inner sun
Island of bliss

Arms of protoberances
Streching out towards me
Divine embrace
To welcome his child

Sunshine sings in my heart
Opens new golden sources
To send out the message
Into the depth of the universe:

Love unites, love is one…

DidiArtist, 26.06.2018



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Interview with a ……..

I was recently interviewed by Teresa Geering, and I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed. It occurred to me that there are many walks of life, and different people within them.

They could be bloggers, or people to do colouring, crochet, write books, cleaners… anyone in fact!! we all have a story to tell… and im hoping to give a glimpse into people’s lives….

I thought people (including me) would like to know more about those people – anyone! so, if you would like to be interviewed, and are over 18, then drop me a line here and ill send you questions 🙂 this could be FUN!!!