About Cheryl

Hello everyone!

welcome to my site and thank you for visiting.

I am Cheryl, a Tarot, Rune, Angel and Oracle card reader as well as an experienced clairvoyant medium, which I have had the pleasure of doing for many years.

By combining Clairvoyance together with Tarot and employing Pythagorean numerology I am able give you a more personal and accurate reading. i conduct readings by telephone, e-mail and in person, at my home in herne bay.

If you would like to book a reading then please go to the Store and let me help you find knowledge and the potential things in your life, guiding you along life’s pathway.

I also offer workshops and evenings/afternoons. So if you wish to learn about tarot, runes or Angels, together with your friends, or on a 1-2-1 basis, then drop me a line.

I look forward to hearing from you, whether its to book a reading or for training.

I have appeared in numerous publications which include Fate and Fortune, Psychic News and Full House magazine as well as local newspapers


15 thoughts on “About Cheryl

  1. I feel so lucky to know this certain someone, ha. Cheryl is always fantastic and precise with a reading and so lovely and also on the go all the time so the kindle reading is a good way of her restingl . x


  2. For those who need help, re-assurance and direction – Cheryl is the only person to seek help from. Kind, considerate and so, so accurate with her messages and connections from Spirit. She is on speed dial on my mobile. Life is so much clearer after a chat with Cheryl. Sx


      1. Hello!!! no I didnt study with her, I did my study with a lady called Margaret West and actually the Angels also taught me. Im a lucky girl 🙂 and oooh where would we be without our Kindles? 🙂


  3. we love the way you do all of this and then round it off with being loved up by Reg…it’s kinda awesome…ordinary and special at the same time…thanks for your sharing. Does he smile like you? by the way thanks for the nomination again!


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