Combined reading 8-8-17

Combined Reading – 8- 8-17


The Chariot – Major Arcana 8

Today we need to choose to forgive. We can forgive ourselves, or others, or at least remember that we are all human! people are entitled to make mistakes, and even more entitled to forgive people… or yourself for past perceived misdemeanours. Archangel Raphael will help with this.

The Chariot

The chariot is pulled by two horses, in this case, one brown and one white. This card often comes when a decision needs to be made. If you have to do that today, be kind to yourself, and don't base your decisions on fleeting thoughts! this card links to cancerians, and the Zodiac sign. So, if you need to step sideways on something, today is the day to do it!!

++ also note that this is the 8th of the 8th and the Chariot is 8 in the Major Arcana. Its all about abundance and joy today! 🙂


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