Combined reading 7-7-17

Combined reading- 7-7-17
What we need to know today:) 

Power/4 swords

Power is in us all. Some people are aware of their power, some people abuse their power, and some of us deny it exists. We all have it – sometimes it’s got another name- courage, bravery , fearlessness etc. 

Today is a day when you’ll need to face that power, and use it to the best of your ability. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad day, but it might mean you’ll be re aligning yourself with life, and making Strong decisions. It’s all good!!! 🙂

4 swords 

Before we get to grips with the day, the tarot asks you to spend time relaxing, even if it’s 5 minutes over coffee or tea:) or 10 minutes meditation etc. 

Resting helps regain our power, composure and energy. 

Happy FriYAY people!!!!


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