ACCEPT me as I am! (q)

Embrace our individuality!!!!

In a Love World

You respect me when you accept me exactly as I am.
I am not your copy as you cannot be my copy
everyone is different!
ACCEPT me as I am!


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Combined reading 26-7-17

Combined reading 26-7-17

The world/record keeping

Today, some things finish, and some things start. It's a case of one door opening as another shuts. New opportunities come with this card, and although things finish, the time is right. You can't start a new chapter without completing the old one.

Record keeping

Remember everything, think what you are doing, make notes at this time of change, if you must. This angel asks us to remember what we are doing, and by writing a list, you can refer back if needed. This includes legal stuff 🙂

Happy hump day people!!! 🙂 xxx

Tcotd- the Lovers – 17-7-17

Tcotd- the Lovers – 17-7-17
Today the tarot brings balance into our lives (look at the date, too!!!) 
The male and female in this card suggest that balance. You get what you give- this is universal balance. Equality comes today, and into be embraced. If you meet someone you’re attracted to, or you have a partner, remember they are human too. You reap what you sow 🙂 xxx