Taking Anti-Action

Another hilarious post! (Sorry for laughing!) x


A friend of mine joked yesterday that I only keep her around because she does enough stupid things for the both of us. People only have this misconception because I make an effort to a) exhaust my stupidity quota around strangers and b) be relatively private about said stupid actions, namely refraining from bringing all of them up in conversation and instead publicly immortalizing them on the Internet.

Look, I reserve the right to be a sedentary contradiction.

Yesterday, several high school friends and I had dinner at Chuy’s (the type of cuisine it serves, in case you didn’t know, is carbs. Secondarily Tex-Mex).

Image result for tex mex elvis presley memorial dinner Does this not make you want to die? In every possible way? (From: denverlifemagazine.com)

After we did our time waiting to enter the restaurant, which is really the primary experience, and flagrantly disregarded the concept of serving sizes, we loitered in the parking lot until streetlights…

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