The Pied Piper

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In a Love World

Heavenletter #1184
Published on: February 4, 2004

God said:

Look not for great approval from the world. It cannot give it to you. And, if it does, it is little enough. Even when it is grand, it is little. A bouquet the world sends disappoints. Having it, you see it is only approval, and you know that approval, by its nature short-lived, comes and goes in the same breath. Soon enough, the world forgets and you are left holding nothing. The world’s approval isn’t something to live for. All the plaudits of the world, no matter how honest and deserved, pall next to the joy of listening to you own heart and following it for its own sake, for your heart is your stake in life. Anything else is less.

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One thought on “The Pied Piper

  1. Absolutely ! There’s nothing more joyful than quietly do a simp!e good deed and walk away. knowing that you’ve made a small difference to someone’s world , without embarrassing them or you by it being noticed.

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