im back/international women’s day

hi Everyone! im baaack!

Sorry i took 6 months break on this blog, but there is a good reason for it which i will blog about separately. However, today i would like to blog about International Women’s day.

I did a spread, asking what we needed to know as a collective whole for the occasion. This is what I picked:

Hanged Man (Reversed)

We need to do what is right for us as a whole; we need to stand up for those who need our help (when i say WE, i mean we “all of us, everyone, every single person who can “) those of us who need it. We lift ourselves up by lifting others up – and it’s worth remembering.

The Tower (Reversed)

We need to keep hold of that which isn’t just important to us, but that is our truth. The lightning has already struck (in many different formats, globally), and now the stress around us has subsided (again, globally) we can deal with things in an ordered manner.

The Moon (upright)

Its time for us, both globally and individually, to speak our truth. To stand for honesty and to stand up and be counted. Its time to treat others how we would like to be treated. The time to do this is now (going by the moon, which goes in phases).

So, its a very powerful time for us, as humans!! (never mind what sex we are!!!)

Happy Wednesday!! XXX



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