A tale of two sons ( found on Facebook)

I found this and whilst it’s a bit long I thought it was quite an interesting read about the EU Vote. See what you think.

This is the story of two brothers and their journey through life.
As they grew older, the time came for them to leave home and make it in the world on their own two feet.
Their father decided to offer them some advice before his sons considered their next step.
“Sons, you have two choices.
The first one is to stay here at home with your parents. You will have to continue to pay for your keep. As you know I do business with my brothers. You will be part of my business so you will have no worries about trading as your uncles will continue as before. You will be safe and secure for the rest of your life”.
“However,” said the father, “The second option is a big risk. You could leave home and find a place of your own. You will also need to feed and clothe yourself and pay your bills. This will invariably be far more expensive than if you stayed in the safety and security of the family. In addition, if you did leave the family, I could not include you in my business, and regarding any business you set up yourself, neither I, nor your uncles will trade with you.”
The father continued, “I am a man of vast experience and knowledge and using my wisdom I can advise you that choosing to leave the family rather than stay in it will sacrifice your safety and security and be more expensive. The decision to leave just cannot make economic sense and I urge you not to take the risk and stay.”
The first son thought for a while then said to his father, “Father, I will choose to remain in the family”.
The second son replied, “Well, father, I have listened to my friends and based on their advice I have decided to leave”.
The father told this son, “How can you base your decision on your friends’ advice. They don’t have the knowledge and wisdom that I have!”
None the less, both sons pursued their respective lives.
Some years later both sons met to have a chat to compare the different paths they took.
The first son said, “Father was true to his word. I stayed with the family and my outgoings remained very low. I continue to do business with my uncles but I am not allowed to trade with anyone outside of the family without receiving a financial penalty. I have a family of my own that have been brought up within the greater family. My life has been safe, secure and risk free, but I have not been able to grow and progress. I still remain in a past decade. All I can pass on to my children is exactly what had been passed on to me”.
The second son then explained his life. “Well, I took the risk and left home. Father was right because life certainly was more difficult and expensive for me. I had to get a mortgage which cost far more than anything I had paid to the family. I also took another risk and set up my own business. I also have a family of my own. Initially, and for many years, times were tough, and I did sometimes question the decision I made. However I worked hard and as time passed, my business grew and now my family and I have developed, grown and flourished. I am able to trade with limitless other businesses without any fear of sanction or financial penalty. My business is firmly planted in the present and continues to look towards the future. I will pass on to my children an ever growing and thriving business”.
The first son chose safety and security and whilst that was beneficial in the short term, in the long term he remained entrenched in the past.
The second son took the risk and left, and whilst in the short term life was undoubtedly difficult, in the long term he thrived and flourished, realising his own true worth and potential.
Which son would I rather be? I’ll decide that later this month.


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