June tarot scope

June Tarotscope by Chery Turtlemoon

Here are the tarot readings for the month of June: it brings a flavour for the month, and helps guide you.

The Chariot – Reversed
This month may be a time of stopping and starting. Things may not go according to plan, and you may have to take the lead in sorting things out. A sideways month, but not bad, just not perfect, haha!!

5 Wands- Upright
Well, if you want something done, you might have to do it yourself J Its a month of crossed wires and inconsistent actions. If those around you cant get to grips with a problem, go to someone who knows – probably YOU! Take this month one day at a time, and appreciate calm this month. It could be busy!!

9 Wands – Upright
Wow you have been busy! The Tarot suggest you stop letting people walk over you and start moving forward with determination. You are nearly at your goal, and a little further or a bit more time will see it through. If people take you for granted – then remember to say no where appropriate.

10 Cups – Upright
You just want a quiet life, and this month it looks like you may get it, and more. Stability is on its way together with family time. This allows you to feel happy and calm. Content with your lot is a great thing, and you may experience this in June.

Temperance Reversed – 14 Major Arcana
This card speaks of the timings being right, and the need to go with the flow. If you are digging your heels in this month, its probably for good reason. The time is near when you can make your move and the Iris flowers bring hope so that’s good. A good month all in all.

King Swords Reversed
This card is all about someone in Authority and usually legal or banking matters. So, this month if you feel that these aren’t working for you, then you’d be right. Its time to take a good long think about your monetary and life goals. Where do you want to be this time next year? Clear your mind with a bit of meditation or talking to someone who can help. This will help get things sorted and bring clarity.

2 Wands – Upright
Travel is likely for you Librans this month, and rushing to it, or a quick getaway could be in the offing. You will need to plan but the excitement may get the better of you. Remember to make lists and plan, also to look for the best deal – not the first deal you see.

3 Swords – Upright
This card often talks of separation, and endings. A job or project may finish, or a contract may come to an end. You could part ways with someone in business, or yes, it could be personal. It doesn’t bring death, but it could make you feel a little sad. Look after yourself if you do become sad. Remember that ‘tomorrow is just another day’ or something like that, according to Scarlett O’Hara! So please don’t worry yourself, and of course, remember that contracts do sometimes have an end date, and all things must change and evolve.

8 Cups – Upright
This card is all about moving on, and making a decision to walk away.
Sometimes this needs to be done if things aren’t working out how you thought they would, or a situation is doing you more harm than good Well, this month may be the one in which this decision is made – and for the good! Keeping something going because you feel you must doesn’t help anyone, and once the decision is made you will feel so much better. The time is right to do this, and it may not feel great right now, but when you look back you will see that it was right. This can be in any area – love, work or life in general.

Emperor – Major Arcana 4
The Emperor plans and gets things in order. He may be stubborn but he is usually right. Sitting in a position of authority, he can see what needs to be done. You may well feel like you can do a better job than someone around you. Prove its workable before you do it, plan your moment. Its a good month for you , and making headway in your career is good.

5 Pentacles
Well, you may not feel much comfort this month, but you know how to get on, so please dont worry. Its a hard task that you will set yourself, but you will see it through to the bitter end, and you may indeed feel that is what it is! however, you make this choice willingly, and you do not take an easy way out. This is a pivotal month for you.

King Cups
The King of cups is a nice person, though a tad emotional, and a bit up and down. Your month may start off in this vein, but at least you will be able to deal with it. The King has the support of his subjects, and you will have the support of those around you to see you through. Its a changeable month, and stability might be thin on the ground however, becoming aware of the world around you and all that brings is useful to you.


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