Tcotd-strength- 23-4-16

Tcotd – strength- 23-4-16

Today we may need to dig for the inner strength that’s deep down. We all have it, and we may not know it! It’s there under the guise of courage and bravery. That’s not to say today will be scary, but rather, that you may be out of your comfort zone- but you CAN handle it. Just breathe, and relax 🙂 have a good weekend everyone!!!


About Cheryl Turtlemoon

Cheryl Is a tarot and Oracle card reader and professional clairvoyant, with an interest in art journaling. She lives by the sea with her entertainer husband and their dog.
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One Response to Tcotd-strength- 23-4-16

  1. Vicky W's says:

    Hello Cheryl, this is so pat for me right. I think I#m going through every emotion possible 🙂 xx Thank YOU as always, my flower. Love to you and yours xx

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