Tarot: Yes/No Questions

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Tarot Yes-NoAlong with questions about the timing of events, Tarot practitioners often consider binary yes/no questions to be some of the inquiries that Tarot is most ill-equipped to handle.  After all, using Tarot to answer questions isn’t really the same thing as flipping a coin.  Or at the very least, it’s like flipping a 78-sided coin — no easy task!  But there are still ways of getting these binary queries addressed…

You can assign the “Yes” answer to, say, the Yang Suits (Wands and Swords) and the “No” answer to the Yin Suits (Cups and Pentacles), and then if you draw a card from one of those Suits, you have your answer, and if you draw a Major card, you simply push past it and keep going until you pull a Minor.

You might also allow all odd numbered cards, including Majors, to represent a “Yes” answer, and all even numbered cards…

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