Tcotd -2 wands – 3-12-15

Tcotd – 2 wands-3-12-15

Today we must see which way we can go, and form a plan accordingly. So, if we decide on a course of action, we must then plan to follow it through. If we need to make a decision, we must look at it from different perspectives, to get the whole picture and then act upon what we have learned. Whatever we so, the goal is the same – to plan and see it through until the end.image


4 thoughts on “Tcotd -2 wands – 3-12-15

  1. Greetings Cheryl. I just found your blog, and am loving this deck, but I don’t know which it is. The art is gorgeous. I love your site idea: Tarot Talk. Always so much to say about reading.

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