Tcotd – justice 11- major arcana- 26-10-15

Tcotd – Justice – 26-10-15
Morning all! It’s the start of the darker days and nights as winter draws in. We have changed the clocks in the uk to reflect this and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling hibernation coming on 🙂 this is all as it should be. The dark days balance the summer nights we had, and balance is the theme for today. Decisions must be made after balancing up pros and cons. Karma creates its own balance. Today is a good day! Happy Monday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Tcotd – justice 11- major arcana- 26-10-15

  1. Questions! What is your favorite tarot decks/deck? What is your favorite beginner deck? I read your awesome astrology post… which do you prefer more… tarot or astrology? …and can you see the sea from your window? 🙂

  2. Lol! Hello StarS!! No I can’t see the sea from my window but I am about 5 mins by car away 🙂 my favourite beginners deck is the radiant rider Waite. I didn’t write the awesome astrology post, that was a re blog , and I thought it was awesome too! I like the way tarot and astrology meld. I am still learning about astrology and it’s a big subject so I don’t expect to learn an awful lot:) where are you from? 🙂

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