Tcotd -strength – 23-7-15

Tcotd – strength – 23-7-15
Today, it’s not so much a case of lick your wounds, but helping heal somebody else’s . You will find inner strength today when you need it, sometimes in the most unusual places or in people. Help another, and deal with what must be done. You WILL find a way, and you will be strong xxx 


About Cheryl Turtlemoon

Cheryl Is a tarot and Oracle card reader and professional clairvoyant, with an interest in art journaling. She lives by the sea with her entertainer husband and their dog.
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One Response to Tcotd -strength – 23-7-15

  1. Vicky W says:

    Morning, This ao apt for me at the moment. I’ll never lose HOPE.
    Thank u, this has arrived just at the right time.

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