Serendipity in the News

You’re an inspiration!!!! I saw you on the BBC website, and your drive and determination is great to see!!! 🙂


Runcorn women demonstrate ‘incredible ambition’

8:20am Sunday 11th March 2012 in NewsBy Barbara Jordan

TWO enterprising Runcorn women have changed their lives with remarkable determination.

Laura Green, aged 24, of Eanleywood Lane, Norton, launched a jewellery business in 2010, and Rachel Melarangi, aged 29, of Picow Farm Road, sells make-up.

They travel to exhibitions across the country and had stalls at a transitions event in Stobart Stadium last week.

Behind their smiles lies incredible ambition.

Both girls have Downs Syndrome and have developed their business skills with help from The Princes Trust and Halton Speakout, a local charity which supports young people with learning difficulties.

Project worker Colette Kelly, aged 33, said: “The public don’t expect people with learning disabilities to do much in life.

“These girls are proving different, If you’ve got the drive and dream, it is do-able.

“They are proving they are very able and capable…

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