TCOTD – 8 Cups – 1 7 15

TCOTD – 8 Cups – 1 -6- 15

Today we turn our back not only on what no longer serves us, but on things, and people that no longer serve us either, or that we have helped and we do not need to help any longer. Remember that people and situations come when we need them or when they need us, and leave when the time is right. Do not take it personally, its the Universe at work πŸ™‚



One thought on “TCOTD – 8 Cups – 1 7 15

  1. I clicked on Like….I’m not sue that I always do. Actually Rarely do I. Of Course it depends on the other cards in the reading. sometimes it may not bother me at all to walk away. But generally I have resistance. I usually know before it even comes up too. I also think it can be changing mind sets. walking away from old thought patterns..with the Ace of Swords.

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