TCOTD – Death -20-6-15

Welcome dear readers! Today we see the death card, but remember it is nothing to fear. We can see the snake,  which doffs its old skin, starting anew.

We see that Death, although seen as the final blow by some, it is seen by others as a transformation into spirit, to continue life on another plane of existence.

All these things have one thing in common – they all transform. They change, they evolve, they move on.

We can do the same in the face of change. As I heard a boy (who had lost his arm in a shark attack) said ” i can either dwell on what has happened or I can make the best of the cards I have been dealt”. What a wise soul. We can make the best of things. we can change where necessary, we can transform ourselves …and see the potential in evolving, or even, in starting again.

This card links to Scorpio – so those born in October/november time should find this a great time of change and positivity through adversity!

death druid


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