TCOTD – 7 Wands – 14 6 15

TCOTD – 7 Wands – 14 -6-15

Today you may feel like its you against the rest of the world. If that is truly the case, then know that by standing your ground you are living by your own rules. However, it may be an incorrect perception of the life around you, and looking at things differently will greatly help.At the very least, this card is a 7 and for some that’s a lucky number! 🙂 and since this card links to the element of fire, there is lots of energy and motivation today 🙂 happy Monday, people!!! (if there is such a thing, LOL!!!



3 thoughts on “TCOTD – 7 Wands – 14 6 15

  1. Well I am happy to see the 7 of Wands..At least I will be up to it…
    I have to ask you girls…was this not the hardest Mercury Retrograde EVER…I’m sure it had to do
    with Saturn’s opposition with Gemini. I have never experienced one as hard.
    Did You Feel It?

    1. Hi Rebecca!!! oooh i realise i have just done your one card reading !! and yes, WHAT a retrograde that was!!!!! phew!!!! i agree with you about saturn.. it runs rings around you, lol!!! im just glad its over…. and no, this has been one of my worst retrograds.. i certainly am glad to see the back of it!!! 🙂

      Blessings to you also XXX

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