TCOTD – The Moon – Major Arcana 18 – Piscies

TCOTD – The Moon – 18- Major Arcana – Piscies

This card is from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot. This is a very special deck for me, and this week I have chosen to share it with you 🙂

Here we see a naked lady, basking by the light of the moon. Calm water is in the foreground and Egyptian statues stand either side. One dog howls at the moon, the other just looks 🙂

This card is has an ethereal quality. It reminds us that things may not seem as they first appear, further investigation is a good idea. This also reminds us that we do not show everyone every part of us… everyone has a shadow side, a hidden side or just a side of us we perhaps do not like. This card tells us that we are actually normal, but that truth is good 🙂

Also, this card reminds us to look through the glasses of reality and see what is really there, and what is not 🙂 So its going to be an interesting day today!!! 🙂 happy Saturday!!!WP_20150613_07_38_10_Pro


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