tcotd -5 air/5cups – 28-3-15

Today we need to realise that the future is in our hands, and we can choose to work it or not. We can choose to be happy, or otherwise, and use our hands for good or not. 

Today, we make our own path, carving out the way we need to go. Be positive and look to the good to come, not what was. 

The future is in your hands….what will you do with this day ? Cheryl Turtlemoon



2 thoughts on “tcotd -5 air/5cups – 28-3-15

  1. Morning Cheryl, this is what I’m hoping to do. WOW! This is a powerful image 🙂 Thank You xx

    1. It is powerful isn’t it! Its from the book of shadows deck. Its what I am hoping to do too!

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