30 Tarot Pic Challenge 1 & 2

Love this idea, might do it myself! Great pic Spike, loving the effect!

I hinted earlier that I wanted to do the 30 (day) Tarot picture challenge, I’ve held off from starting it because the first day you’ll have to see my ugly mug, but, at least we get it out-of-the-way now! Here’s day 1 & 2, I’ll not be doing this as a 30 day challenge, that sounds like waaay too much work. This idea came from Little Red Tarot’s brilliant blog, and in turn from Jessica’s Tumblr, who started it, so blame her 🙂

So, here’s the “challenge’s”…tumblr_n6jtzshVGk1r1ozpvo1_1280

Pic 1. A selfie with an Ace (and a bit of jiggery pokery on Photoshop).

The Ace from the brilliant Druidcraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

IMG_4253b copy

Pic 2. My reading space, this is my summer place, in the winter I’ll  mostly be by the fire.



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