the reveal

ok, heres the reveal!

1 – Ace swords

Picked this? this card suggests you will be starting a new project and completing or leaving an old one. There is something to think about, and in so doing your mind will be clearer. You have to use some honesty and intellect!

2 – Judgement

In picking this card you may not be very charitable to yourself. You may be self critical, and need to change the way you think. Alternatively, you may need to open your eyes wider to see the bigger picture. If you’ve seen it, dont judge, just act! if you have had information, choose your reaction carefully.

3 – 2 of Wands

Its time to choose and to do that wisely, you need to focus on that thing that you want, and what makes you feel happiest. there is good on the horizon for you, and growth is coming.


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