Very interesting article x


The Garter is both a Magickal & a Badge of Rank in the Witch World

Bet you didn’t know that..ALL YOU MEN!.

And here’s my story & I’m stickin to it


The signifiance of the garter goes back to cave paintings, the Palaeolithic times, & funny as it is, & listen up GUYS, the drawings on the (cave) wall show a male, yes a male, in the center of a ritual dance wearing… got it a GARTER…never the less on each leg.

But the Garter becoming Magickal only happens when the Garter belongs to a woman…haha

At a Wedding isn’t the Bride’s Garter fought for?

The Mettye Belt is a man-witch’s belt aka a woman witch’s garter

I don’t know about you guys…wearing Garter belts!

14th Century, a hot time for Witches, and as history has it, Countess of Salisbury, dropped her Garter & Edward III picked…

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