Tcotd – queen Pentacles – 3-6-14

The queen sits on her throne, holding a Pentacle.

Today, we may feel as though we have it all. We are sitting pretty, and in a good place in our lives. Our needs are being met. The bills are paid, and we are helping people around us.

If the above feels like it doesn’t apply, then look for support, possibly from a matronly figure, and know that good is on the way, just firm foundations are needed.



3 thoughts on “Tcotd – queen Pentacles – 3-6-14

  1. I don’t really feel like good is on the way for me at all – my Alan has lost his job. I am worried about him (and me). We have all the other things in place but I feel he has to do a lot of the leg work himself even though I want to do it for him.

    1. Oh dear!!!! I would say then, that this places YOU are the Queen of Pentacles, hoping to bring money in. I’m really sorry Alan has lost his job. I do feel (clairvoyantly) that you will be doing more work, to assist. Also, the assurance you need is coming, and the Angels tell me you both should look after yourselves. Much love xx

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