tcotd – The Devil – 21- 5 – 14

Today, we see a Devil, with two people chained.

What holds you back? what motivates you? what is your addiction?

This card asks us to think of these questions. If you are addicted (like im addicted to chocolate!) then perhaps its time to look at that. If you are motivated by money – then look at why (apart from paying the bills of course) See what holds you back… is it your own self-talk?

Perhaps your passion is overriding sensible thoughts. If you realise its time to stop doing something of no benefit to you, then perhaps today is the day!

An interesting one for Wednesdayttod


About Cheryl Turtlemoon

Cheryl Is a tarot and Oracle card reader and professional clairvoyant, with an interest in art journaling. She lives by the sea with her entertainer husband and their dog.
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