The suits and elements of the Tarot – 18-3-14

Today, I’m going to talk about the suits in tarot.

There are 4 suits: swords, pentacles, wands, cups.

These are known as other names in different decks, so swords could be known as daggers, knives, athames etc wands would be staffs etc, pentacles would be coins or discs, and cups would be goblets or cauldrons or bowls.

So, anyway, these suits link to certain elements, swords to air, pentacles to earth, wands to fire and cups to water. So, effectively you have four seasons!

The elements are also known as dignities. So, say you pull an air and earth card – these are well dignified, because air makes plants grow!

Again, if you were to pull pull a water and fire card, you’d get a damp squib instead of a blazing fire 🙂

I hope you found this interesting!!


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