Tcotd – 6 cups – 10-1-14

Today the 6 of cups links to the past.

Remember, firstly, you can remember the past, but not live in it.

You may remember something from the past that made you feel good. Perhaps you can use that in your future to help another? Remember the things that you’ve learned and see how far you’ve come. Be happy with your future, the past is what makes you the person you are πŸ™‚

Today, I’m celebrating 13 years in business as Cheryl Turtlemoon πŸ™‚ and thinking about this card, I’m looking back on how far I’ve come, so for me today, this card is quite accurate!!!!


About Cheryl Turtlemoon

Cheryl Is a tarot and Oracle card reader and professional clairvoyant, with an interest in art journaling. She lives by the sea with her entertainer husband and their dog.
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2 Responses to Tcotd – 6 cups – 10-1-14

  1. Jo says:

    Well done, you have helped me for many of them; so no Triskaidekaphobia then!

    Good card of the day. Today it has reflected my day. Even my most recent mistake has left me with a deeper understanding of myself and has forged me wiser for tomorrow xxx

    • Cheryl Turtlemoon says:

      Thanks Jo ! No, I’m not frightened of the number 13, though after last year, perhaps it should be.

      Sometimes, “mistakes” can be seemingly as lessons. Painful though they can be 😦 still, we learn, and look forward xxx hugs!!!! X

      🌞Cheryl πŸ‰


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