Tcotd – 13 Death – major arcana -14-12-13

Today a horse rides towards us. It’s rider has a cloak and scythe.

Death comes in many forms. Physical death, death of a situation, job or other change. Deaths are endings, but they often bring new beginnings in their wake. Today there is a change in the air. Endings sometimes bring challenges, other times, relief . It is a day of clearance, change, and adaptation.

Remember every change brings opportunity .


2 thoughts on “Tcotd – 13 Death – major arcana -14-12-13

  1. Hi Cheryl

    Hope getting out and about is easier.

    I don’t often read my tarot, but I’ve had a confusing 24 hours. Chap that I like and I had a long conversation. He doesn’t want a relationship with anyone and would rather remain lonely than risk (I don’t know what has happened in the past to explain this); and I still have a small voice saying trust my intuition and all will work out, so did priestess, so I will wait at a distance.

    But the reason for my mail is the photo of my general spread because it’s too right and ends in a 78:1 coincidence.

    Last card is Death too! Time for a change, or was the change I talked through a problem rather than react to it?




    1. Hiya!

      Walking is ok, just can’t sit, lol!

      Now, what were the other cards and where in relation to the death card were they?

      Don’t forget the other cards give balance and insight too πŸ™‚ x

      Perhaps a pic of what you got would be good? X



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