Tcotd -4 cups – 7-12-13

Today we see a boy under a tree, daydreaming. He dreams of something more, or better. This is shown by the large hand coming from the clouds, holding a goblet, which he does not see, or chooses to ignore. He is being given what he wants , but he doesn’t notice.

When i turned this card over, my guide said “oh, blessing in disguise” so, what we think we want, or what we currently see negative, is actually a positive. In other words, the position you find yourself in is a matter of perspective! Also, we cant “want” as much as we like, but unless we make an effort to move ourselves forward, we will remain wishing!

Have a good day x


2 thoughts on “Tcotd -4 cups – 7-12-13

  1. TCOTD has just prompted me to e-mail a chap I’m a smitten kitten with a suggestion that if he was hinting about an invite to Xmas dinner here he should ask again. Fingers crossed!

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