Tcotd – 6 swords – 8-6-13

This card shows a lady in a boat, 6 swords surround her, the full moon is behind her, silhouetting an ear of corn in the moonlight.

This card is great, and denotes overcoming obstacles, a clear path, clarity, guidance and peace. If you have been having a difficult time, then it will finish soon. We are on the home run, having passed obstacles, difficulties and now feel relieved as we sense peace around us πŸ™‚

Serenity today!!! Yay!


2 thoughts on “Tcotd – 6 swords – 8-6-13

  1. I’ve just come through a week of meetings and commitments that saw my mojo run for cover.
    I have spent today with enthusiastic people and tomorrow is my last day of commitments before I can take some “me time”.
    My mojo’s peeking out and that still small voice that tells me “everything will work out, just wait” is back on-line.
    How cool to read 6 swords after it happened!

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