TCOTD – 18 3 2013

Here we see the Ace of Wands, a Fiery wand that is too hot to handle.

This card means action! so, today we are asked to “get on with things” and be productive. If there is something you should be doing today, then today is a good day to do it! a good day for getting things done 🙂


2 thoughts on “TCOTD – 18 3 2013

  1. Spot on again! I co-opted a mate and moved a greenhouse that I’ve been trying to do since the snow last week. That was finished before 9.30am.

    Then onwards to two lovely funeral services for two villagers; aged 79 and 92 respectively.

    Where I networked a few other things to progress the new duck house, (the 79 year old having built the old one so I’m sure he didn’t mind) the Britian in Bloom planting scheme, new poles for the fete bunting…. and it’s only 4pm….

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