Step through the Square window….

Today, I decided to do a meditation using the King of Cups. I do meditate on the cards from time to time, as well as doing various tarot exercises for my Tarot Journalling, but today, I thought I would put what I get in my blog. So, first I thought of my objectives:

  • Go into the card
  • look around at my enviroment
  • converse with the card/feel what I can from the enviroment
  • thank the card
  • take my exit back into this reality.

Stepping into the card, I feel it becoming bigger until eventually, i am inside it. It feels warm, a breeze blows softly. It is peaceful.

So, taking the card, I look at his clothes and the way they fold, his socks – he isnt wearing shoes, which I find both curious and humble, his face, which I really am drawn to – its so kindly.

The environment is fantastical; the fronds of fern in the front, Saturn behind him, the throne stable and solid. It sits on calm water.

So, i have the King directly in front of me. I say hello. He asks me why I am here, and tells me that I have no need for worry, and that I should accept life as it appears to me, and concentrate on doing the best I can from the heart. He tells me I am supportive. which is nice.

I thank him and leave, the card becoming smaller as I come back to this reality.


I feel as though i really did visit the King of Cups and I will take on board what he has said. I feel very connected to this card now, whereas I didnt particularly before!


3 thoughts on “Step through the Square window….

  1. Hi Cheryl

    I thought I’d share my King of Cups, although he is being shy. Last card in the pack and doesn’t want to be pasted!

    The pack was paid for me by my Grandmother about 1981 and my Auntie Marji came with me to help me pick a design.

    My King of Cups has always been called “Sean Connery”, after the actor. A bit of the James Bond role, mixed with the “Dour”, but fair Uncle and set with an acceptance of nature.

    p.s. next message “Videos” has no message????

    p.p.s. feel free to post with jpg

    Kindest regards




    1. Oh I love your James Bond analogy!!! Hmm I had a prob with that video post, it was supposed to be a poll asking about whether anyone wanted me to continue the videos for tcotd ! Thank you for sharing your story!!!! 🙂 x

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