Tarot Journalling

tarot journalHere is a pic of my Tarot Journal, which is essentially an ancient organiser! its pretty big, and houses different sections (you can just see the post it notes sticking out!) for charts, self readings, workshop notes and other sections. I write in it every day, and i have to admit im rather attached to it! its helping me guide my way through the Tarot. I rather like the stickers, I got them from the Wizardology book, they were in the back! the stickers show the elements, merlin, an owl (my power animal) and the seasons. I do feel connected to all that, and this journal helps.

Journalling is an important part of tarot. It helps me to formulate ideas, work with the Tarot in many different ways, and shows the path I have taken. Its also useful, as it solidifies my work with Tarot in general. I suggest everyone journals when they study tarot! its very very helpful, and is a useful guide.


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