Tcotd – the empress – 28-12-12

Today, we have the beautiful empress, pregnant and surrounded by a bountiful harvest. She is serene.

This card, not only brings nurturing and calm, and the reminder that sowing seeds bring harvest, after a period of growth. So today, things are coming to fruition, be they ideas, or physical things. Also, we are reminded of being nurturing or nurturing others. In other words, looking after yourself, or taking care of another. So, today, look forward and be happy!


3 thoughts on “Tcotd – the empress – 28-12-12

    1. aha! take a look at images of theempress cards on yahoo or google, youll find quite a lot of them are pregnant. even in the Rider Waite, she wears a loose dress, all the others are wearing fitting clothing. Also, notice what she wears on the Rider Waite, her material is printed pomegranates… a fruit with seeds! 🙂 glad its helped!! 🙂 you’ve made my day!! thanks for the comment!

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