TCOTD – temperance-16-10-12

Here we have the card of Temperance- do you notice a certain pattern to the cards lately??? Here we have an Angel, hovering, with all the elements around her. She hovers because she is in a state of suspension…..

Which tells us much. Are you feeling stuck today? Are you feeling as though you need more of everything, be it time, patience or whatever? Well the Temperance Angel has come to change all that!!! She says: “hold on, you have all you need. Things are coming to fruition, and are nearly complete. Wait a while, let things do what they naturally will, then you will know when the time is right to move forward. ”

So, if you have a project on the go, or something that you feel stuck on, then know that you have to wait – you are stuck for a reason!!! divine timing doesn’t need any explanation!!!


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