TCOTD – High Priestess – 15 9 12

Today, I didn’t so much pick this card, as it picked me! 🙂

I dreamed of the High Priestess, and the image was so strong, I felt duty bound to make her card of the day.

The High Priestess is a lady of Authority, wisdom and deep occult knowledge. She knows the hidden secrets and uses them wisely. She sees all, and observes much.

Today, you could use the energy of the High Priestess by watching what goes on around you. Also by just knowing that you have learned many lessons and that these lessons can be remembered, and will assist you through life, and the experiences can be drawn upon to help another when needed – and you may need to help another today.

This card also suggests more learning, in many areas of the life, and more study (isn’t life really one long lesson and study???) It also suggests that people will watch and learn from you.

Remember we are all powerful in our own right, and that we can use that power wisely, or not, as the case may be.

A day for looking before you leap, but knowing, really, that you are the designer of your own destiny, making your own choices and shaping your life accordingly. A powerful day!!! 🙂


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