TCOTD – 10 Swords -12-9-12

Today we are greeted by the 10 of Swords. Perhaps its not the best card to be greeted by, to look at, at least, and not first thing in the morning 🙂

However, all is not as it seems (is it ever??) This card shows a person – in this case a Gummy Bear, with 10 Swords in him – he looks a bit deflated!!! Although in this case, its a Metaphor – so thats good. Its a metaphor of change, completion, endings and feeling a bit dejected, sad, and yes – deflated.

Today, this card for us means that things end, and we must accept that fact. Things move on, situations and people change. What we must remember here is how we react to such things. We could choose to be glum or feel as though everything is against us, or we could dust ourselves off, see where we now find ourselves in life, and move on. How you react today, can affect your tomorrow – so choose wisely.

Its not a bad day, just one of


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