Review of August 2012 Cards of the day

After quite an interesting month Tarot-Wise, with the cards that were pulled, I thought I would do a little looking back, to see what actually was happening with the cards.

Out of 31 days, we had:

11 Majors

4 Courts (2 Kings, 1 Page and 1 Knight)

7 Swords

6 Pentacles/Coins

3 Wands

2 Cups

So… looking at these statistics, its quite possible that many people went through changes last month. It is also possible that many situations were looked into/dealt with/ moved on from. It shows that money often was a thought, and that striving to do well was also high on the list.

Both the Devil and Death cards appeared twice last month, and the 2 of Swords (for decision making) appeared 3 times. This shows new beginnings and a release from that we may have felt enslaved us.

It may have been a rough month, but at least we know that we have moved on in many areas. Although love and motivation were not highly noted, it does at least mean that the way has been cleared, so the possibility of more love n fire are on the way! 🙂


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