TCOTD – king of Wands – 25-8-12

Today we are met be the King of Wands in all his glory. He stands, like a commanding presence before us. He likes to know what’s going on, and likes to be on top of it all. If he says jump, you say “how high?”

So today, this card talks of power, control and direction. The King KNOWS where he is going – do you? Do you know what is going on around you? Are you motivated enough to want to find out?

Today, look and see what is around you. If something needs to change – can you do so? Do people listen to you or is your voice unheard? You may need to shout louder 🙂

A day to feel empowered and full of energy – draw on this energy today if you feel you are flagging.

Have a good day!


3 thoughts on “TCOTD – king of Wands – 25-8-12

  1. Hi, I was given your details from my auntie who came to see you a few weeks ago, she highly recommended you. I was wondering if you had any free appointments tonight as me and my mum would like to have a reading done with you. Thanks Dionne x

    1. Hi Dionne! Thanks for your comment. Unfortinanatly I’m booked up for the next few weeks. It’s best to email me from my website to contact me 🙂 hopefully we can find you a date! Take care!

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