TCOTD – The Sun – 13 8 12

Today we have the Sun – This is the 19th Card in the Major Arcana. Remember – Arcana means “mystery” and I find that the Sun really is just that! Think of it, its a ball of light, that burns, and has done for millenia, and will continue to do so for another millenia (im not a scientist, can you tell?) Its 91 million miles away, and yet we can still get a tan, gardens still grow, and its warmth can be felt.

Today, this lovely card reminds us of timing – think day and night planets and movement. It also reminds us that things can remain the same and still be brilliant. We are nurtured by the Sun, and therefore we are given the chance to grow and change. Today is one of those growth and change days. It could be that today we gain information to help us see things in a different light – and that seeing things in this way enlightens us, and brings peace and hope. 

This card is a good day for good news! A feel good card, and one of joy.


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