TCOTD – 4 Swords – 6 8 12

Hello Everyone!

Today the 4 of Swords is with us. Often shown with a armored man laying down, 3 swords above him, one below, within his reach. 

Today this card tells us that we can step back from a situation and yet still be ready for action when and if needed This card also suggests that we get some rest, although how one is meant to do that on a Monday I am not too sure!

Also, although this card is about rest and recuperation, and perhaps even taking time to meditate, it also reminds us to ask ourselves where we are going in this life. Are we focused? do we have goals? how are we going about achieving them?

Today is a day of pondering – looking back to see how far we have come and resting before moving forward – and seeing where we are going, and where the path of life takes us.

 A song for today – Do you know where you’re going to? – by Diana Ross.


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