TCOTD – The Magician – 23 7 12

Today we have the Magician – a Major Arcana Card. Often shown with his tools suspended in mid air, or on a table in front of him.

When the Magician appears to us, its often to remind us that we are doing too much! sometimes we just need to let go, and let others take over. We cannot do it all!

The other thing with this card – is of course, the element of Magic. Magic is intangible, and yet, it does exist – a bit like radio waves – you can’t see them but you know they are there, because you can hear your radio. Many things are like this, take love for instance. You can feel it, you can sense it, but you cannot bottle it and sell it (Money can’t buy you love!) but on the other hand, we all need it and no one is averse to it.

So today, be prepared for a little Magic in your life – once you have put your feet up, delegated, or put down what you are doing!!

Have a Magnificent Monday 🙂


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