Be true to yourself! 🙂 xx

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Loyalty is not about staying true for you are afraid of someone’s power.
Loyalty is about staying true to yourself for
you respect your soul.


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Combined Reading 17-8-17

Combined Reading 17-8-17
10 Cups/Passion
Well!!! its a lovely day for relationships!! for those of us in relationships its likely to be a passionate or at least heart-warming day! A good day for communication and more! 🙂
Really, you can’t part these two cards because they are such a great combination!
For those of you singletons out there, self love is a good thing, and you must remember you are loved – you may not think so, but you ARE!! take yourself out for a cuppa or a cake (or both!) and treat yourself kindly today! 🙂
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Respect YOUR SOUL’S desires! (q)

Life is full of lessons and chances for the soul’s progression. 🙂

In a Love World

Life is not a journey to the grave for the preservation of your mortal body.
Life is a journey of all possibilities for the evolution of your immortal soul.
Live your life respecting YOUR SOUL’S desires!


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Combined Reading 16 8 17

Combined Reading 16 8 17
It is now time to take a balanced look at your life, and perhaps dip your toe in the water, for something new. You may feel like you have had enough, or wish to slow down something you are currently doing. Now you might think about changing course. Look towards your future and what you might like or hope, to be doing 🙂
You may find something new about yourself in the contemplation and look, at your current life. You might find something out about another, or your eyes may be opened to something new. All this is good! ask Archangel Raphael to assist you today!
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Combined Reading 15 -8-17

Combined Reading 15 – 8 – 17
Page Cups/Knowledge
Today we may talk to people but not get a sensible response. Its best to have a sense of humour in these situations, because that is a good way to handle it. You could of course, get irritated, but humour is good.
Since Cups are about emotions , then just remember to rise above, and take higher ground when someone is talking a load of sausages. 🙂
is knowing that everything is a lesson (even the above!) If you treat life in this way, you will be able to handle all that life throws at you so much more easily. Everything happens for a reason, and knowing that , and remembering that, and using the knowledge you have learned will really help you today! that’s not to say its going to be a bad day – it isn’t, its just a day of learning!tuesday
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YOU are BEcoming Sacred Human

Let’s evolve!

In a Love World

You Are Waking, Waiting, Claiming, BEing, Becoming…During Lion’s Gate And BEyond

Jelelle Awen
August 11, 2017

You are waking…….Stretching new limbs of soul consciousness as your angelic wings unfurl.

You are waiting……..The timing is a Divine calling that your Higher Self whispers and then is singing in your ear.

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combined reading 14 – 8 – 17

5 -Swords Reversed/Support

Today we are finding faith in humanity, maybe not globally, but in a personal sense. Those who which previously may have cheesed us off bring a feeling of calm now, and trust. This is important for our well being and mental balance.


The above in itself should make your day better, but if you need more then support is it! support brings love, kindness and stability into our lives, when we need it. If you are supporting another, then know that this is good. You can help make the world a better place! :) monday

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