Combined Reading 26 9 17

Combined Reading 26.9.17

Knight Pentacles/comfort

The Knight is focused on his pentacle. He has no need to look elsewhere.

Looking at the world from a new perspective may bring you what you need today. Allow yourself to look at the bigger picture, this will bring benefit to you today. Just remember to stay grounded and it will help. 🙂


Raphael has been very busy this month in the cards! if you need help of any sort, or feel under the weather, then call on Raphael to assist you 🙂


175 Stocking stuffer ideas

Really useful list. Do follow jo! She’s great and so is her blog!,,

Living the jo life

Traditionally, stocking stuffers are smaller gifts that tend to be secondary to the main gifts under the Christmas tree. With many great ideas though don’t be surprised if your humble stocking stuffers turn out to be a big hit when it’s time to open presents.

I’ve been working on my Christmas list for the last couple of weeks and while I was at it, I was thinking about stocking stuffer ideas too. My mum used to always fill my stocking with little things and it was always my favourite thing to open! In fact my nan still does do me stocking stuffers for Christmas

So while I was supposed to be concentrating on the gifts for my family, I found myself making a list of  inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas too! Instead of keeping those to myself, I thought I’d share them with you all!

This list will cover everyone, young…

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Combined Reading 23 – 9 – 17

Combined Reading 23 – 9-10s rev - charity 17
10 Swords Reversed/charity
Something that has been bugging you will likely leave today. If your mind has been pricked by a situation, then breathe a sigh of relief – instead of going in your back – those swords are falling out 🙂
be nice to others. It might be hard to do, but if you are charitable to others, then you will be treated the same way. You reap what you sow.
Happy Saturday 🙂

Combined Reading 22 9 17

Combined Reading 22 9 17
Today whatever we do, we realise has impact on another. What is done today, must be done carefully and with responsibility, both for ourselves, and others. Choose your words and wishes with care.
People are stronger together, you are never alone. If you need company or feel lost, let the angels help!

Thursday thought

Wise words

Living the jo life

Stop & Smell the roses, It’s Not a Competition

Throughout our childhood, there is a strong focus on being the best at everything. mostley this comes from our parents and peers who although they only mean to encourage, they create this thing where a person feels they need to be the best in sports – being picked first and being picked for the school teams. The best in class – getting the best grades; the best report card; the best places at the best universities. The best phone; iPod; clothes. The most popular. The most likely to succeed. I could go on… My point is, there is a distinct emphasis on where you were/are placed  in a imaginary or physical league table of your peers.

As we grow up into ‘mature’ adults…  And leave the world of compulsory education, we unfortunately continue this obsession of how we are comparing to…

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Combined Reading 21 9 17

Combined Reading 21 9 17
4 Pentacles/AA Uriel
Today we need to let go of the things that bother us, or have a hold on the roots of our life. By letting go, you will let in so much more! allow yourself freedom! Allow yourself to be released from that which no longer serves you.
Archangel Uriel
Allow AA Uriel to help you let go today. Ask him to clear and purify your thoughts and feelings. Allow peace in today – remember he is the Ruler of September 🙂

Christmas Planning (FREE DOWNLOADS)

For those who like to plan for Christmas,

Living the jo life

It’s time to get organized for Christmas!  It may seem a bit early but when you think of all those things to do it is best to start a bit early.

Of all times of the year that I need to be organized, it has got to be Christmas!  I decided to make a Christmas Planner  this year so that this year I can have an organized Christmas!

I designed a brand new Printable Christmas Planner, Which I am giving to you all FREE so all you have to do is download it and print it out and you can be organised too!

It includes 25 printables to keep you organised. You can either download the whole pack or just download the pages you need. Then all you need to do is get yourself a binder and your on your way to a organised Christmas.

The pack includes:

*Christmas Bucket List

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Combined Reading 20 9 17

Combined Reading 20 – 9 – 17
Queen of Swords/Abundance
The Queen of Swords doesnt suffer fools gladly so you may be a little short on patience today. Remember to think slowly and carefully, choosing your actions and thoughts wisely.
Abundance comes in many forms, not necessarily money, but can be – but is not limited to: people being nice, being given a present or sharing good times.
its a good day today! 🙂 IMG_1778

Mercury you son of a bitch

Oh yes, the joys of mercury!!!!

tarot and tomfoolery


I don’t really keep track of astrology; the new and full moons are about it, and that’s more for interest’s sake than any finger-wavey reason. But boy oh boy do I believe in Mercury retrogrades fucking shit up. When a major cell service provider here in good old R of SA had disappearing data issues a few weeks back, I crossed my hands over my generous middle, sat back in my chair and nodded sagely. Of course it would happen during a Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are like the universe stacking everything communication related with a .5 towards chaos instead of order, and Vodacom got shanked up its treacherous little tuchus.

I’ve had a few Mercury retrograde-related casualties on the home front. Foolishly (this was before the Vodacom fiasco, which was the blip that alerted me to the retrograde) I signed up for a new internet service, and it’s been…

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Combined Reading 19 9 17

Combined reading 19-9-17
When the death card comes, it doesn’t mean a person’s death, but can mean a change or transformation.
So, there could be a change today – OR you could wish things could be different, or needing a change may become more obvious today.
Accept change for what it is – evolution of a kind. Nothing stays the same 🙂
Charity can be viewed as kindness. Be kind, and you will receive in due course, kindness back. However, don’t assume by doing good that you will receive good. Do it because its nice to be kind. 🙂