tcotd- 9 pentacles- 25-11-15

Tcotd – 9 pentacles-25-11-15

Sometimes, it pays to be a control freak:) knowing that everything is how you want it is great. However, if you’re the type to manipulate others or others are manipulating you, then remember that we all have free will. You are not bound at the feet like this bird is. Your wings are unclipped. You can make your own way in life:)

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Tcotd -6 swords -23-11-15


Tcotd 6 swords – 23-11-15Tcotd – 6 swords – 23-11-15 Today obstacles are small, and can surmounted. If you look ahead at your goals and focus your intent you have the capacity to achieve many goals :) so its a good day! Happy Monday! Xx http://www.cherylturtlemooimage

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Tcotd – 2 cups-21-11-15


Today connecting with others and listening to what they have to say is highlighted today. Its a day of compromise and being a better person, and showing compassion to your fellow man. This is good because its my birthday today, lol!!! :) 🎂

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TCOTD- Justice – 20-11-15

tcotd – Justice – 20 – 11-15
when life throws you lemons, ask for gin! today we see that all things come to those that wait. Today is a day when we see things done that needed to happen, be they global or in our own personal lives. That’s not saying bad things will happen, but that the Universe is “balancing the books :) ” what I was once told was the “bank of Karma”. All things are as they should be today.
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tcotd – queen pentacles -19 -11-15

tcotd – queen Pentacles – 19-11-15

Today you may find yourself feeling like you have it all! well, most of it anyway! if you do not, then look within, and you will find yourself rich, as we all are! its a good day today and worth comes from how you live your life, as much as from what you do.qp

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Tcotd – 2 Pentacles – 18 11 15

peddling like fury wont get you anywhere today! concentrating on several things at once means that you will take longer to get things done. Do one thing at a time and you will find things easier and that you get more done :)

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Tcotd = Hierophant – 17 11 15

TCOTD – Hierophant – 17 11 15
Today we may be hoping are of like mind. we meet with those who understand us, and are a blessing to us. We join with them in agreement. They teach us how to be, and as we learn, we teach others. Its a good day! :)
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