Daily Dose of Inspiration – Untamed

Live life to the fullest!

Be Inspired..!!

Live untamed and unafraid is a recipe for really living life to the full – for really feeling alive day in, day out. It’s about being true to yourself, pushing through your doubts and fears to go after what you really want in life, and living an inspired life that not only has you feel truly alive, but also inspires those around you to really ‘live life’. 

But then if it one of the way to living a fulfilling life, then why don’t we follow it? This is because of our untamed mind and then when we fuel it by talking about it. Of the human urges, a great one is the urge to talk. It is believed that all living beings communicate in their respective languages. Humans, however, due to developed intellect and conditioned self, have developed the system of holding elaborate conversations. If you look around you will find…

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Father – That’s you ?

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“This is not my son, but I found him there” – Aaron said.

“But the way he is attached to you – Seems like you are his father, tell us the truth !” – The Investigation officer questioned.

Sometime in search of happiness we take steps, which lead us to the wrong path, but the path Aaron choose was different..

That’s what happened with Aaron.

I knew Aaron from my childhood days, We spent half of our times together, so i know him pretty well.

It was the last day of our graduation period, and we planned to visit a bar in the following night.

Aaron came from a Christian orthodox family, He was very sincere with his prayer timings, and was considered the most innocent person in our friend circle. He had a dream, a dream different from others, he wanted to be fire-fighter. Because he believed – “Saving…

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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Belief

Believe, receive, achieve

Be Inspired..!!

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and in the belief in a thing makes it happen.” – Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Think of the power of belief, then, as part of our essence. Strive to find that which we strongly believe in and allow that belief to energize and motivate us to take action to achieve our desired goals. If we find that we lack the ability to believe in anything right now, either because we have never felt our beliefs held any weight or we are simply beat down and trying to climb back up after addiction, just give it some time. Allow for the possibility that we can believe in something, and seek guidance and counsel so that we may be able to recognize the first signs of our beginning to believe when they do occur.

Although it is important to be clear about what it…

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Tcotd- knight of cups

Tcotd- knight of cups- 11-12-17

Today, take a look around you, and see the beauty. Even if you’re standing in your kitchen, there must be something lovely!

There’s good in all things, even if you may not normally see it. The tarot reminds us to do things with our hearts and feelings today .

Just remember that even in the midst of rubbish, there’s treasure to be found.

Remember Pollyanna’s “glad game”? Be glad for each thing today! Xxx


flowers of empowerment!

Beloved Flower Lover, As you know there are few florists that talk about the empowerment values that enable people to link the happiness and joy that we experience from giving and receiving flowers. We are those florists who make happiness and joy a core focus of our creation of flowers for giving and receiving. We […]

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Combined Reading 1 12 17

Combined Reading 1 12 17
Queen Swords/Release
I cannot believe its December!!!!!!! this year is going so fast!
Well, here we are. Again the Queen of Swords shows herself. Here we are clearing the way for something , clear intentions allow us to think logically. If you want to go down a new route, then you near to clear the obstacles!
Archangel Michael is back, too. Here he assists