tcotd -5 air/5cups – 28-3-15

Today we need to realise that the future is in our hands, and we can choose to work it or not. We can choose to be happy, or otherwise, and use our hands for good or not. 

Today, we make our own path, carving out the way we need to go. Be positive and look to the good to come, not what was. 

The future is in your hands….what will you do with this day ? Cheryl Turtlemoon


TCOTD – The Lovers – 27 3 15

Today, we see the Lovers, who certainly do not see us! they are busy with each other. Communication is a big thing today. See the dolphins in the background? nature’s communicators! so the Card today suggests we talk to people, and listen too. Friendships, partnerships and lovers are all noted today, and communication and getting along comes with this card. So, its a good day for most people – and if you don’t have a partner, remember friends and family, its not just for lovers! :)

world rev

TCOTD – 3 Swords – 24 3 15

Today we deal with the results of yesterdays “near miss”. We mays¬†find we have to let go of something or someone, and although this might be uncomfortable , sometimes it needs to be done and when you look back on this you will understand why and see which way your life took you. For now, though, we are letting go. Whatever it may be, know that the Universe has plans that we do not know yet!


TCOTD – 10 Swords reversed – 23 – 3 -15

Today we can see that “having our back” yesterday has helped out!
The 10 of swords here, is reversed, which means there’s a near miss, and we can dodge out of the way :) so, we can breathe a sigh of relief and calm :).  Be grateful if you made a decision that helped with this and make a note of the lessons learned. Remember, think before action ! that’s the order of the day :)

TCOTD – King Cups – 22-3-15

Today we see the King, on his throne. His feet are stockinged and he smiles at us kindly. Often, when a court card comes, it is representative of someone close to you or the querent. Since I don’t know who is going to read this, I would suggest this will be a person around you. So, look for someone supportive and kind today. or be the supportive and kind person to someone else.

There may be a need to tread carefully around someone, but all is fine!

Just remember someone has got your back and you are supported! :)kc