Krishna Consciousness reaches the University of Kent!

Sometimes you gotta be happy, and these people touch the soul for me! I need to learn more about the philosophy!

Hare Krishna Canterbury

UKCSankirtan.jpgLast night we were VERY happy to take part in the first ever program of Krishna Consciousness at the University of Kent!

After three hours of chanting and dancing in bliss around the campus (see below) we were more than ready to meet in Keynes seminar room 5 for an evening of food, philosophy and yes…. more chanting!

To benefit from group excursions to temples and festivals as well as our yearly retreats across the U.K. and Europe, you can become a member of the society here for just £5.

You can also like our facebook page for more information, updates, special events and regular inspiration for your spiritual journey!

Hare Krishna! From Jasmine, Ian, Manish, Seb, Hema and Mantra at the UKC KCSoc

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Combined reading 21-11-17

Combined reading 21-11-17

Queen Swords/Comfort

Today it’s time to let go of the old. Cut free that which binds you and look forward. The queen doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and neither will you today. Be polite but firm, choosing your actions with thought.


Archangel Raphael brings healing and calm today. If you’re feeling the need for comfort, just ask him to assist, and he wi. Thanks surely provide xxxx

Combined Reading 18 11 17

Combined Reading 18 11 17

Hermit Reversed/Abundance

The Hermit in reveres is heading back to his cave. He needs peace and he needs to assimilate what he has learned. Its a time of gathering one’s thoughts.


Abundance comes in funny ways. You may find yourself gifted with things, like time, laughter or something else that money cannot buy. Treasure these gifts!!!

Overwhelmed? Here’s some help:

How do YOU deal with overwhelm?

Cheryl's Shed


I shuffle to my desk. Its way before 9am.

Ive been awake for hours, trying to sort my brain out.

I’m tired!

So, i’ve worked out that I am basically overwhelmed.

So, I decided to write about it. Why? because I am probably not the only one that feels like this.

I have to work. I LOVE my job!

BUT working for yourself and basically based online means you are forever available.

Facebook seems overwhelming

Messenger, with all its beeps and bings at inappropriate times (some of them HIGHLY inappropriate times!)

A constant stream of information, and the need to get off Social Media but the inability to do so because it is my job!

So, where do I go from here?

This is what has worked for me:

I meditate ( I use Insight Timer)

I limit my time on social media.

I limit my contact with those around…

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Combined Reading 14 11 17

Combined Reading 14 11 17 – Moon Reversed /Support
The Moon is the bringer of truth, in the Reverse position.
Knowledge can be a great thing, but when you find the truth in a subject,or situation, it may be that a little thought/help/questioning is necessary.
So along comes Archangel Michael to free you of negative thinking, and to wrap you in love and light. Ask him for help if you need to! He is here to assist!