Tcotd- king of swords – 20-4-17

Tcotd-king of swords- 20-4-17
Today it’s all about your mind, and being in control. If you’re feeling that things need to be sorted out , then you’re probably right. Remember that no one else is in control of your life but you!!

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Angel card – count your blessings- 17-4-17

Angel card – 17-4-17 -count your blessings On this bank holiday Monday we are asked to count our blessings. The Angels say – look, you have a roof over your head, clothes to wear and food to eat. Be happy with the small things in life, and be grateful- your life is more blessed than you realise!!!! It’s a great day to be “present ” and to be still and give thanks for all that you have in this life . Even something small can be good!! Happy Monday everyone!!! 

It’s back to Tarot tomorrow! 🙂

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TCOTD – 8 Cups – 14 4 17

TCOTD – 8 Cups – 14 4 17
you might just want to walk away from what no longer serves you. Bear in mind that this feeling may just be a feeling, borne of a deeper emotional response, however, it might be because you have had enough. Either way, you are important, and valued. Do not de-value yourself living in a way that doesn’t suit you.
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TCOTD – 9 Swords – 13 – 4 – 17

TCOTD – 9 Swords – 13 – 4 – 17
How’s your sleeping? is your mind being pricked? are you wondering what the point is? are you worrying needlessly? Today is a day where you question everything, your mind may work overtime and you may be tired. However, it will all come out in the wash!!! 🙂
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TCOTD – 5 Pentacles – 12 – 4 – 17

TCOTD – 5 Pentacles – 12 – 4 – 17
Today we may feel lack, either perceived or actual. This however is amended by looking to those who wish to help, and accepting that help. lack can come in many ways, lack of love, support, or money to name but a few. The support is there for those who wish to see it.
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TCOTD – The Empress – 11 4 17

TCOTD – The Empress – 11-4-17
Today is a day of self care, nurturing new projects or just looking after yourself. If its new projects, treat them with care, a plant doesn’t grow without water! 🙂
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TCOTD – The Sun – Reversed – 10 4 17

TCOTD – The Sun – Reversed – 10-4-17
This card reminds us to make hay while the sun shines, because its not great all the time! sometimes you have to take a bad day to realise the good, and today is one of those days ! (maybe because its Monday, lol!!) its a day of stagnation, but remember that every plateau brings a rest! its all good! 🙂
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