Tcotd – 10 wands – reversed – 4-8-15

Today, we may need to get a bit more focussed. We may think things are finished then find that there is more to do. This card suggests creating a firm foundation, and although unburdening yourself may be good, it may also be ill advised. More haste, less speed.

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Tcotd -3 swords -3-8-15

Tcotd -3-8-15-3 swords
Today, we may reconcile with someone, or something, or our way of thinking is at peace. What was separated is now rejoined. We feel sharp, and the “point” of all this is made clear to us. :) a good Monday!

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Tcotd-5 cups – 28-7-15

Tcotd – 5 cups-28-7-15

Think positive! If like me, you can be a “negative Nelly” then today is the day to change the way you think. Don’t always expect the worst, be like the otter and catching a fish, you never know, you may just get a reward ;)

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Tcotd – high priestess -24-7-15

Tcotd – 24-7-15
Today, use the knowledge you have been blessed with. Today is a day of remembering what you’ve learnt and using that knowledge accordingly :) ; 


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Tcotd -strength – 23-7-15

Tcotd – strength – 23-7-15
Today, it’s not so much a case of lick your wounds, but helping heal somebody else’s . You will find inner strength today when you need it, sometimes in the most unusual places or in people. Help another, and deal with what must be done. You WILL find a way, and you will be strong xxx 

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tcotd – The World – 22-7-15

Today sees the beginning of new things, and doors closing on past situations or things that no longer serve. Its a day of seeing how far you have come – not how far you have to go. Things are like seasons….and as they move on naturally, so do we


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Tcotd – 4 Pentacles -15-7-15

Tcotd – 4 Pentacles – 15-7-15  
This man looks like even though he has money, he is checking he has more :) so, if you’re feeling insecure and holding on to everything then this card tells us it’s time to “let it go” we will still be the person we were, the world will still turn and we will not fall. :) 

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