Tcotd- the hierophant- 25-8-16

What do you need to do? Do you feel you need permission to do it? The hierophant, or priest can give us our blessings and teach us along the way, but actually we can look in our hearts and see what really needs to be done. If you are doing stuff to please others it may be time to have a re-think🙂

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tcotd-knight of Pentacles -23-8-16

Tcotd- knight of Pentacles-23-8-16

Today, it’s time to quench the thirst. Focus on what fulfills you, and what makes you truly happy. Don’t put out someone else’s fire, concentrate on your own. Helping others is good helping yourself so that you can be of service to others is even better:)

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Enchanted forest

Something beautiful for a Sunday X



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Tcotd-5 cups-12-8-16

Tcotd- 5 cups- 12-8-16

Yes its back! And we’re back to our negative thoughts. Sometimes it’s hard to see things in a good light, but now is the time to see things positively. This week has certainly had its ups and downs and they may have knocked us back, but now it’s time to rise:)

Don’t forget in the uk it’s the perseid meteor shower tonight! ☄☄☄

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Tcotd- 5 cups- 8-8-16

Tcotd- 5 cups-8-8-16

Today, we are reminded that there are two ways to look at things – either positively or negatively. If you look at things negatively, then things will always seem bad. If you look at things in a positive light you will make the best of every situation. Today look towards the good and smile. Xx


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Tcotd-6 cups-6-8-16

Tcotd- 6 cups- 6-8-16

Today we may spend time thinking back to our past, but we can’t bring the past back. What’s done is done. We may have a distorted view of events, and now they are made clear. We need to look forward today, since that’s the way we are going:)

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Firstly may I apologise for not being around, I’ve had tech issue with this blog. Hopefully I’m back now!! Thanks for the new followers by the way:) X welcome to the blog!

Tcotd-star – 1-8-16

Hello everyone, August already!!!

Today’s advice from the tarot is that we are going the right way. So, if you’re aiming for something, doing a project or have a decision to make, then it’s going to be ok, you’re going on the right lines🙂 so, this is great for the start of the month and week!!!

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