TCOTD – Hierophant – 9 4 15

Today is a blessing (that’s good!!!) and its a timely reminder to mix with those who see things the way we do. Get together with those who share our views.
If you have to deal with Authority today, then think about things from their point of view. You may not feel like today is a blessing – but the Tarot Cards (and therefore, also from me!) you are blessed!!!
Hierophant - gummy bear tarot

Hierophant – gummy bear tarot

TCOTD – 4 Pentacles – 7 4 15

After yesterday’s romp through sales or giving money for Easter presents, you may wish to keep hold of everything for yourself. You may not want to let go in a hurry!!! This card suggests that not letting go means not living to your fullest because of worry etc. Today, let go with love. You will always be stable (4 is the number of stability – think of the chair you are sitting on!) and you will always “have enough”.

Gummy Bear Tarot - 4 pents

Gummy Bear Tarot – 4 pents

TCOTD – 7 Wands – 6 4 15

Today, we see that we might wish to go out, and others might wish we didn’t… alternatively, you may be battling through the Easter sales, or family may be annoying you. Either way, it looks as though you may have to stand your ground, or defend yourself.

You know what to do…. just choose your timing :)

gummy bear tarot 7 wands dietmar bittrich

gummy bear tarot 7 wands dietmar bittrich