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Having been involved in producing recorded and live TV shows, aswell as online media, about arts and crafts for over twelve years it’s interesting to see how the media sector is developing in relation to my/our favourite pastime.

There have been a few mainstream TV shows that have ‘made it’ into the psyche of the general public, think Sewing Bee, The Joy Of Painting and Watercolour Challenge, however for the dedicated creatives, what is changing now that media is becoming so accessible?

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TCOTD – Knight Swords Reversed – 4 7 15

TCOTD – Knight Swords Reversed

First of all, happy Indenpendence day to my American Followers!

After yesterday and cutting ties, and thinking positively, today we need to realise that Rome was not built in a day. Its time to stop, think and THEN act! just hang fire today, and see what happens before you commit yourself to anything… then…. act upon it if you feel its the right thing to do.


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TCOTD – Ace Swords – 3 7 15

TCOTD – Ace Swords – 3 7 15

Its a day of new thoughts, letting go and acceptance. We can cut ties, which may seem bad, but actually, if we are doing what is best, its never bad. Release is a great thing. Thinking positively is a great thing too. do not be harsh on yourself. Negative thinking leads to negative actions. X


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TCOTD – 4 Wands reversed – 2 7 15

Today you may feel a little wobbly, possibly the after-effects of yesterday. Its not a bad thing, but it is a re-alignment. Something may make you feel unsettled, but in all things, what is reversed will right itself in due course. Something that you are wanting, may be taking its time, making you feel uncertain, but hang in there! :)

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TCOTD – 8 Cups – 1 7 15

TCOTD – 8 Cups – 1 -6- 15

Today we turn our back not only on what no longer serves us, but on things, and people that no longer serve us either, or that we have helped and we do not need to help any longer. Remember that people and situations come when we need them or when they need us, and leave when the time is right. Do not take it personally, its the Universe at work :)


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TCOTD – The Lovers – 30 – 6 – 15

Hello Readers! well, another Major Arcana! here we have the lovers, doing what they do best (!!!)

Communication is easier today, and intuition is heightened. Now is maybe the time to ask for a raise or perhaps to have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone. :) it may be an intense day, but it has its own rewards :)

Lovers 6

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TCOTD – Magician 1 – 29 – 6 – 15

Today you must lay your cards on the table, and be honest. What goes up must come down, and all things must balance. Today is a day of sorting things out, and clearing the air. You have the personal power to do this. #itsmonday #youcandothis


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