Tcotd- the chariot- 12-7-16

Tcotd- the chariot- 12-7-16

Today we may have to take the higher ground, and look at life differently and perhaps philosophically. We have choices to make today and they may not be as easy as we would like. It’s not a day of stagnation, merely a pause.

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Tcotd- knight of cups-11-7-16

Tcotd- knight of Cups – 11-7-16

Today we must remember that we can’t please everyone all of the time. You can’t bend over backwards for everyone, and anyway, not everyone will appreciate your efforts. So today do not go forward meekly, but rather with bravery. If you’re feeling emotional then take a big gulp and just do what you must, so long as it doesn’t harm another. A changeable day, but a good one. If you’re feeling in need of support, then carry a Rose Quartz or clear Quartz to help you .

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Tcotd-8 pentacles-7-7-16

Tcotd- 8 pentacles- 7-7-16

Hello everyone! Today the message is a simple one – perfection is hard to achieve and totally unnecessary. Do your best, it will be good enough! Rome wasn’t built in a day:) alternatively, there is never a perfect time to do something- so why not start now? What stopping you?

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Tcotd-5 cups- 5-7-16

Tcotd – 5 cups – 5-7-16

Today is not a day for feeling sorry for yourself. Things are not as bad as they seem, but facing up to things may be a little harder than anticipated. Be brave and think positive and remove the heart from your sleeve!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

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Tcotd-queen of swords -4-7-16

Tcotd- queen of swords- 4-7-16

Happy Fourth of July for those who celebrate it! Today we have the queen of swords. She knows what she wants and will use whatever means she can think of to get it.

It’s a day of cutting ties and dealing with people in a Matter of fact way. Release your self from what no longer serves you and do what you think is right. A day of action and decisive thinking:)

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Tcotd-7. Cups- 2-7-16

Tcotd- 7 cups-2-7-16

Morning all! Today we pays our money, and takes our choice. Always remember that the choice is yours ultimately to make, but the ripples may effect others for good or ill. A choice is neither good or bad, it’s what you do with it that counts:) happy Saturday

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Tcotd- hanged man – 28-6-16

Tcotd- hanged man – 28-6-16

Here we see a man, hanging upside down, but he could easily free himself, and he doesn’t look bothered.

What are you doing that benefits you? What makes you feel connected? What makes you come alive? Take some time out, step back and see where you’re at. Does your current life serve you? What makes you tick? What are your priorities? How’s the time to step back and think. Bit deep for a Tuesday;)

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