Tcotd – 5 pentacles – 27-8-15

Tcotd – 5 pentacles -27-8-15

Today may be a bit unsettled. Wishes may be wished and yet remained unfulfilled. You may look at another and wish their blessings were yours. The advice today, it to keep on going!!! Xx

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Tcotd – the sun- xix – 25-8-16

Tcotd – the sun- 25-8-15

Well, this card doesn’t explain our weather right now, but I wish it did! Warmth, productivity, abundance and fun in the sun ( or making hay while the sun shines!) so it’s a good day, with lots getting done. Remember, that abundance comes in many forms :) ¬†

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Tcotd -knight cups – 24-8-15

Tcotd – knight cups

We may want to win the lottery, or sail away to warmer places but it’s Monday, and daydreaming won’t get things done.

You may have had the perfect weekend but it’s time to leave your dreams at home :) today, groundedness and reality abound. If you have high expectations, they may be unrealistic. Just remember that today xx

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Tcotd -4 pentacles – 21-8-15

Tcotd – 4 pentacles – 21-8-15
Seen this card before? Yes, it been out once already this week. Letting go was a necessity this week, and in case you forgot, it’s come back to remind you :) hanging on to the past is counter productive, choosing to let go can be the best thing. If you’re holding on to something, be it a situation or person or thought, now the time to ask yourself why.  

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Tcotd -the world 29-8-15

Tcotd – the world – 20-8-15
Today, we may complete a task, or project,or a situation sorts itself out but, like that cog that is forever turning, something new begins. The advice from the tarot today is to look forward to life continuing , and evolving. As all things come together today, life is ever changing. It’s going to be a good day :)

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Tcotd -4 pentacles -19-8-15

Tcotd – 4 pentacles – 19-8-15
Today, you may find yourself grasping at straws, or wishing you had “more” . If you have to let something go, or pay a bill,mother so be it. What goes in must come out. If you are hoping at wishing – let go and let be – nothing comes with conditions :)  


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Tcotd – knight swords -18-8-15

Tcotd – knight swords -18-8-15

Today, it’s a case of thinking before you act. You may have just been through a difficult time, but don’t let that sway your thoughts. Like air, life is always changing. Just remember this today x

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