Tcotd – the world (major arcana) – 22-4-14

Today we see the world, earth, with a woman standing on top, with a baton in each hand. Around this picture is a wreath of wheat.

It might be “one of those days” today. You may find things ending and things starting. One door opening as another one shuts is true of this day! Either way, you’ll be taken care of, so don’t worry! All things come to a natural end, and new beginnings can be exciting!

Tcotd – king Pentacles -20-4-14

Today we see a King , holding a large pentacle. His throne has rams horns adorning it.

You might wish that you were somewhere else today, or that you have been short changed in some way. Being stubborn and rude won’t help :) alternatively, it’s time to give thanks for what you’ve got. You’re in a good position!

For those who celebrate Easter:

The King has arrived, bringing with him untold richness of spirit!

Tcotd – 3 wands – 18-4-14

Today, we see a well dressed person, his back to us. They look out to sea, 3 wands are around them. A boat passes by.

You know, growth can be measured in many ways- perhaps you’ve learnt more about yourself, or about others, or you react differently now than you would’ve in the past to things that happen around you. Either way, self progression is what this card brings. Growth, in it’s purest form is what’s for today. Also, you may hear news of a baby on the way!

Happy Easter/Ostara to those who celebrate! X

Tcotd – 9 Pentacles – 16-4-14


The advice from today’s card is that we can’t control everything all of the time (as much as we’d like to!) and sometimes, not everything in the garden is rosy, though it’s a nice thought. So, today, we may have to work that little bit harder to reach our goals and we may have to be a little more truthful with our selves, or perhaps others more truthful with us. To get what we want out of today, it might be helpful to see what needs doing, and get the whole picture, before proceeding. You will get there as this card is a 9, with 10 being completion.

Tcotd – ace rods – 15-4-14

Today has an feeling of motivation and energy about it. You may find yourself fired up and ready for action as the day gets under way. Be careful not to over do it, or offer yourself to do something you’ll later regret. A productive day, where things get done.

Affirmation: “I am an effective person”

Song ” light my fire” Jose feliciano


Tcotd – knight of pentacles – 14-4-14

Today, not only do we see an interesting date, but we also see a knight holding a coin, sitting on his horse, while wearing full armour.

Today, we might consider doing something about our finances in a pro active fashion. We may have to get in the nitty-gritty of the world around us, and lay ground work before progressing further.

Also, today, it may be time to stand your ground regarding a situation or something you feel strongly about.

Looks like an interesting Monday!